Company history

QSGS Technology:

Manufacturer of cutting tools for the wood industry

QSGS Technology was founded in 1995.

The company name  - Quality of Swedish German and Swiss Technology - is a reflection of the business partners, who contribute to the concept of a production line technology, materials supply chain and quality control. 

From the very beginning, our company is focused on continuous development, technological progress and innovative thinking regarding the manufacturing technology of our tools.

Our development is based on deep knowledge and valuable experience of world's leaders in the field of providing technology. In the long term this results in consistent quality of products which brings the satisfaction of customers. 

In order to achieve and maintain the highest quality of our blades, the on-site research laboratory was created. After conducting numerous tests and extensive research we were able to put into practice highly innovative technological processes, implementation of which is patent-protected.

Aiming at meeting the needs of our clients, once again we have made a large-scale investment and introduced considerable changes to our manufacturing process, offering higher quality products - band saws with significantly enhanced performance expectations. 

Individual needs of each and every client inspire our innovative thinking and the search for new technical solutions to further improve existing products.

Twenty years of systematic growth and successful technological development enables us to offer our clients an extensive range of cutting tools and a complex customer service - personalized according to our clients' needs.

QSGS Technology

The main goal of QSGS Technology is to manufacture high-quality band saw blades that contribute to our customers' productivity and cost efficiency, increasing the competitiveness of their companies.